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What is a MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a technique to see inside the human body in great detail. The images are produced using a powerful magnet, radio waves and a sophisticated computer.


What is a MRA?

MRA’s (Magnetic Resonance Angiogram) are MRI’s of the blood vessels. They are sometimes done with a contrast injection.


How do I prepare for my scan?

There is no special preparation for your scan. You may eat normally and take all your prescribed medications as required. If you need medication for claustrophobia or pain, you must get that from your physician prior to coming to Colmar.


Why do you ask questions about my medical history?

Certain metal (ferrous) devices can cause interference with your scan. Please answer all the questions to the best of your ability; it is for your safety that we ask the same questions several times. We need to know if you have had prior surgery in the area we are scanning of if you have any implants/metal anywhere in your body. The magnet is never turned off, therefore by just walking into the room you are exposed to the magnetic field.


Why do I need to change out of my clothing?

Many items of clothing have metal snaps or decorations on them that are not safe for the MRI environment.


Can you scan my whole body while I am here?

No, only a specific part of your body can be imaged and only what is ordered by your physician.


What will happen during the scan?

You will lie comfortably on a padded table and a special coil will be around the area of your body being examined. The table then slides into position. Your technologist will conduct the study from an adjacent room and will speak with you through an intercom system. You will also be able to talk with the technologist through the same system. You will be asked to lie very still while the scanner and technologist do the work and you will hear tapping sounds during the exam as the images are produced. The length of the scan depends upon the study being performed, usually 25 to 60 minutes.


Will the technologist tell me my results?

No. The images are read by a board certified Radiologist and then sent to your ordering physician. You can obtain the results from your physician.


Why do I need a X-ray of my eyes for metal that was removed many years ago?

An x-ray is the only way to determine that there are no metal fragments remaining in your eye regardless of how long ago you were injured. This precaution is for your safety.


What are your Office hours?

Our office hours are from, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday, Closed Weekend and Holidays. Appointments can be made by telephoning our center at 215-997-1660


What should I bring with me when I come for an appointment?

When you come for your appointment remember to bring the following:

  • Prescription from the doctor
  • Precertification if required
  • Insurance card/Information
  • Any reports and images from another facility that pertains to your MRI. Especially any prior studies that are needed to do a comparison.


How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment by calling us directly during our working hours.

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