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Preparing for the Procedure

At Colmar Imaging Center, we believe that patient education is very important for the success of your care and your test results. Understanding the exam you are going to have will make the process more comfortable and you will have a better understanding of your condition and your referring doctor.
If you want to know about preparing for a particular procedure, please go through the information below for details.

Preparing for MRI

Before your MRI test, tell your health professional and the MRI technologist if you:

  • Are allergic to any medicines.
  • If you are or might be pregnant.
  • If you wear any jewelry, eyeglasses, hearing aids, hairpins, removable dental work or other objects that may interfere with the procedure.
  • Have any other health conditions, such as kidney problems that may prevent you from having an MRI using contrast material.
  • Had recent surgery on a blood vessel. In some cases you may not be able to have the MRI test.
  • Wear any medication patches. The MRI may cause a burn at the patch site.
  • For an MRI of the abdomen, you may be asked not to eat or drink for several hours before the test.

Preparing for Ultrasound

Preparation for ultrasound is minimal. Generally, if an internal organ such as the gallbladder is to be examined, patients are requested to avoid eating and drinking with the exception of water for six to eight hours prior to the examination. This is because food causes gallbladder contraction, minimizing the size, which would be visible during the ultrasound.

While preparing for ultrasound of the baby and womb during pregnancy, it is recommended that mothers drink at least four to six glasses of water approximately one to two hours prior to the examination for the purpose of filling the bladder. The extra fluid in the bladder moves air-filled bowel loops away from the womb so that the baby and womb are more visible during the ultrasound test.

If you have any other questions before your exam, please call 215-997-1660.

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